“The Journey is

The Destination”

In the pacific I particularly started to see and appreciate the beauty of our planet and its colours. We visited very remote communities in Vanuatu, swam with huge sperm whales in Tonga and saw stunning colourful coral in French Polynesia like I had never see before. All these experiences made me realise even more that life should be more focused on what you give and what you get back for it.

Sailing is one of the oldest ways of discovering new lands and cultures all over the world. The Vikings, The chinees, The Egyptians and more recent Captain James cook discovered new lands over sea. The ocean provides us vital energy. To have sailed over 60.000 nautical miles on the fast distance oceans is a big privilege for me.

My sailing adventures started when I was 16 during trip on the Indian Ocean I leaned the true force and beauty of the ocean. The ocean is one to threat with respect and love. After my trips my passion became my work. I obtained all the necessary papers to be able to make sailing my profession. I received the yacht master certificate from the Royal Yachting Association and can sail yachts of up to 120 Gross ton. I have sailed from the Netherlands all the way to Australia and New Zealand and worked on many different kind of yachts and many oceans.

Crossing oceans and discovering new Islands is what makes me feel alive.

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