My passion for Photography started 10 years ago at the age of 16. I travelled through India and Asia to work with charity foundations and connect with local communities. In India I became a crew member on a sailing yacht and we sailed from India to Thailand. During these trips I was always busy with making pictures, so next to sailing I started developing a passion for photography as well. I wanted to gain more technical knowledge. Therefore I went back to the Netherlands and decided to start a study in photography in Amsterdam. Next to that I became the assistent of photographer Ron Tetteroo (a Dutch fashion and sports photographer). I discovered that having an experienced teacher gives you a better understanding and even more knowledge about photography. In the Netherlands the urge to travel came back. I made a new friend and we decided to make a world sailing trip together on his sailing yacht.

During this trip I got the chance to combine travelling, sailing and enjoying my biggest passion, photography. I also started with filming and editing videos. I love how the extra dimension of adding sound is another beautiful way of expressing my passion and inspire others.

Exciting trips with major challenges, both fiscal and mentally, teaches me to never give up on my dreams. Everything is possible! I try to combine creativity and structure in the right balance. Travelling and Visual Arts is what makes me truly happy.

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